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Words can never fully say what we want them to say, for they fumble, stammer, and break the best porcelain. The best one can hope for is to find along the way someone to share the path, content to walk in silence, for the heart communes best when it does not try to speak. Margaret Weis (via pressured) Friday Jul 7 @ 04:28pm

Friday Jul 7 @ 02:39pm

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.

Edgar Allen Poe

Friday Jul 7 @ 02:31pm
She smiles with all that she has left, yet tears are left un-dried. And though she’s got so much to say, she bottles it up inside. If you look past her broken eyes to a shadow no one sees, a disguise so you won’t recognize, the girl is really me… Friday Jul 7 @ 02:25pm
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